Welcome to the Clayton community

Welcome to the Clayton community

Clayton would not be the same without all the input we get from our users. That’s why this online community plays a key role connecting you with the Clayton team, experts and developers to find answers to your questions and share your feedback. :

:bulb: Feature Ideas

Do you have ideas for new features? Share them with the community.
Here we collect your ideas for features and improvements, you have a space where discuss with other users and share how you envision the direction of Clayton in the future.

:white_check_mark: New Rules Suggestions

Do you have ideas for new code review rules? Share here your suggestions with the community and start to get feedback. The Clayton team will review all the comments making sure that our catalogue will evolve accordingly.

:hammer_and_wrench: Support

Looking for help with Clayton? You found the right place! Pose your questions or describe your issue, and watch the community get to work. Together, Clayton Team and our community of users will get you pointed in the right direction.

Just getting started with Clayton? Check out our Get Started with Clayton turorial or have a look at our additional resources:

See you in the forum!
The Clayton Team