Set scope for ignore

In a Pull Request, Clayton may detect legitimate problems with legacy code.

Because I have time constraints and wish to keep my pull requests small, I may not wish to address some of these issues.

I will want Clayton to re-review other fixes on the pull request, but I won’t want Clayton to detect these again for this Pull Request.

However, I don’t want to exclude these issues from general reporting or from future pull requests (i.e., I don’t want these issues to be forgotten or mixed into a general collection of things which I really never want Clayton to pay attention to.

What I would like to happen, is when I tell Clayton to ignore something, I should be able to tell Clayton:

A. Ignore for this pull request.
B. Ignore for this branch
C. Ignore for this project.

… Also, I’m not sure if it relevant or actionable, but let’s say I have a dubiously named entity (class, method, variable, constant… it doesn’t matter) that doesn’t fit our naming conventions, but might (for whatever reasons) be pervasive throughout the code.

For example, if we always call the static non-final variable for a singleton SINGLETON in every class which is a singleton, it would be good if I could also select:

A. Ignore this occurrence
B. Ignore all occurrences.

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