Report False Negatives

As a Lead Developer, I need the ability to more easily report manually identified false negatives, so that the out-of-the-box rules can be improved to more correctly identify issues without needing to write an email.


Dear Andrew,
thanks for your post.
Clayton has an in-app workflow to manage incorrect detections to discard false negatives and keep your code review report relevant.
Please have a look at the dedicated Help article:

@arucker how would you envisage this working? would something like an upload form in which you choose a rule and provide a code bundles/snippets be what you have in mind?

(We are reviewing ideas before the end of the year and I am particularly interested in understanding this a bit more)

Yes, I think simply having a form and the ability to include some code would be useful. Being able to link to the line of code in the repo and include a snippet would work as well.