More informative links to Clayton Review Report on PR

On the pull requests, when Clayton links to the report, if the code is passing, Clayton’s comment says something like:

This change meets Clayton’s quality standards. See the code review report at

… but this doesn’t tell me how well the code meets the standard.

It would be great if could say a little like more like:

“Congradulations! Your code passes without any warnings.”


“Your code passes but please be aware that 2 methods are not tested.”

Which may help to drive traffic from the pull request to the review.


Thanks for your feedback @nilvon9wo.
That’s correct, warnings are not changing the result of code reviews, and I like the idea of having more informative comments generated automatically by Clayton based on the most common warnings detected.

Hello @nilvon9wo.
I’m happy to tell you that we got your suggestion and we put it into our development pipeline.
I think we are going to release it at the beginning of the coming week.
Thanks for this, great suggestion!