Make Clayton Responsive to GitHub PR comments

Right now, if Clayton gets something wrong, we need to go out of our way to inform Clayton what to ignore and which findings were defective.

A better workflow would be such that I might reply directly to Clayton’s with a review comment like

@Clayton, wrong: this method is required by an interface.


@Clayton, ignore: this is legacy code.

… where “wrong” and “ignore” would be keywords that give instructions to Clayton and everything afterwords is comment.

Additionally, if I make a comment

@Clayton, dsgdsgsdg

Clayton would rely something like:

Sorry but I don’t understand. These are there commands I recognise…


This is great! That would significantly improve the way Clayton integrates with our supported Git cloud provider.
Thanks for sharing!

@nilvon9wo This is a very neat idea, everybody in the team loves it. There are a number of things we need to change internally before we can deliver this, but we’ll start building support in our internal API soon. Stay tuned.